Business Accounting Dapto


We believe running your own business should be interesting and fulfilling. We believe the accounting, taxation reporting and record-keeping function should be simple, easy and (dare we say it) enjoyable. We also believe you should be able to access the information that is important to you easily at any time with minimal fuss.

Once the accounting and taxation sides of the business are taken care of you will find you have accurate information to help with decision-making and  more time to focus on how best to deliver your products and services to your clients and customers. Our view is that an accountant should at this stage be available when and where you need them to help you create value and drive profitability.

Whatever the size of your business, a business it is made up of individuals, and as such, we offer services that are tailored to individual needs.  We offer accounting and taxation services from the ground up, and will work alongside you to develop business plans, manage the bookkeeping, identify risks, structure for taxation and business risk and implement financial management systems.

Business Structures

There is no one single business structure that suits everyone. Each available option will have benefits and disadvantages that should be weighed up to determine which option best suits your needs. Our job is help you choose a structure which maximises the available benefits and minimises the disadvantages.

This process should consider your future needs and aim to avoid potential future problems and costs as well as providing ongoing benefits. Before choosing a business structure, we can help you answer the following important questions:

  • How each structure will
  • How much will this structure cost to setup and administer?
  • How will profits earned within this structure be taxed?
  • Who will own the structure and who will control it (not always the same)?
  • Who can receive income from this structure?
  • How will this structure protect my business and personal assets?
  • What are the tax implications if I sell some assets within this structure?